Arthur Arcana
Biographical Information
Name: Arthur
Also known as: Master of Alchemy
The Alchemist
Age: 16-18
Status: Deceased
Card: The Hermit, Master of Alchemy
Family: Unnamed Father †
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Arthur was the Hermit Arcana known as the Master of Alchemy. He was killed by Evie.

Physical descriptionEdit



Early lifeEdit

He murdered his father by dissolving him with acid.

Poison PrincessEdit

Arthur sets up his home with strong windows and an unopenable door, and lures people inside. After this, he drugs them and makes them tell their story about what they did after The Flash, then does experiments on them with his chemicals. He tries this on Evie, who recognizes the drug and manages to pour it out. Evie then creates vines and rips him in half after he attacks her with acid.



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