Biographical Information
Name: Brandon Radcliffe
Also known as: Brand
Age: 17-18
Status: Deceased
Significant other: Evie Greene
Family: Jonathan Radcliffe (father) †
Jack Deveaux (half-brother)
Clotile (half-sister) †
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Brandon "Brand" Radcliffe was Evie's boyfriend before being killed in Flash.

Physical descriptionEdit



Early lifeEdit

He was Jack's half brother, but is unaware of the fact. Jack hates him because he received all the attention and money from their father.

Poison PrincessEdit

Brand was a Quarterback for the Sterling High football team. He drove a red Porsche and was born into a rich family. His dad is mentioned to play Golf with the Sheriff. He is a bit obsessed with 'sleeping' with Evie.

Was caught eying up Clotile, due to her lack of clothing, more than once.

He dies in The Flash, as he did not have cover.

Skills and abilitiesEdit



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