Origin of the ArcanaEdit

Millennia ago, the gods grew bored so they devised a game where each god would pick a contestant to represent them and their prestigious house; a mortal under the age of twenty-five.

With each kill the player would harvest a god's emblem from their opponent, which would then appear on their hand. The player who collected all the other' emblems would win the game and be the immortal victor.

The deities gifted hie/her representative with superhuman abilities. Secret abilities, thus the player became known as Arcana.

The game proved to be so popular with the gods that it was decided that they'd host it every few centuries in different lands across the mortal plane until the end of time. However, deprived of their lifeblood -worshippers' prayers- the old deities moved on to other worlds. But their legacies lived on.

On the eve of a new game, each god's magic seeks out a descendant from his/her House of Arcana.

The players are transformed as the new game begins.

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