Circe Arcana

Ruler of the Deep

The Priestess (II) is the second Major Arcana card in the Tarot decks. Circe Remire is the current Priestess Arcana.


  • Ruler of the Deep
  • The Water Witch


  • A priestess— with water for hair and tentacles for legs— looms over a sacrificial victim at a bloody altar.


  • "Terror from the abyss!"


  • Water manipulation, including tidal wave generation and flood creation
  • Hydrokinetic combat, shapeshifting, and constructs (can form water objects)
  • Hydro scrying (can perceive through water)
  • Hydroportation


  • Trident

Unique CharacteristicsEdit

  • Iridescent blue scales on her arms, with a small fin at each elbow.

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