Biographical Information
Name: Clotile
Age: 17
Status: Deceased
Family: Jonathan Radcliffe (father) †
Jack Deveaux (half-brother)
Brandon Radcliffe (half-brother) †
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown

Clotile was Jack's friend and possible half-sister.

Physical descriptionEdit

Clotile was around 17 years old with long chestnut brown hair and a tendency to dress in revealing clothing. She liked to wear short skirts, go bra less, and wear tube tops.


She has been described as a free spirited and bold.


Early lifeEdit

She met her half brother, jack when she was about 9 years old. Her father is rumored to be the same as Jack's, Brandon Radcliffe's father. Her mother and Jack's mother were friends, and they lived in the Basin. Jack protects and defends Clotile, and they grew up together.

Poison PrincessEdit

While she survived the Flash, she ultimately killed herself as a result of the abuse she sustained while held captive by Vincent and Violet.

Skills and abilitiesEdit