Biographical Information
Also known as: Tarasova
Status: Deceased
Family: Karen Greene (daughter) †
Evie Greene (granddaughter)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Brown

Evie's Grandmother is a Tarasova, a chronicler of the Tarot.

Physical descriptionEdit


She is shown to be extremely cunning, believing that Evie was only pretending to be close to Aric in order to kill him swiftly, and wholeheartedly agreed with the nonexistent idea. She constantly reminds Evie about the benefits of dispatching Death from the game, and does not believe that the two will ever have a lasting relationship.

Evie's grandmother is also highly stubborn. She refuses to let her views be changed by anybody, not even Evie, her own granddaughter. Even when her health is deteriorating, and she is at risk of dying, she would not allow a doctor to examine her, insisting that she would be all right.

She takes the game seriously, showing Evie her chronicles when she was still a child and not mentally prepared to hear about the game. As a Tarasova, she makes no light of her duty and insists on guarding the chronicles at all times, disallowing Evie from reading the chronicles in anywhere except her own room, and she would even sleep with the book in her bed if Evie was not around to guard it.


Early lifeEdit

She was put into a psychiatric hospital by daughter Karen, after she tried to kidnapped Evie when she was little.

Poison PrincessEdit

Currently Evie and Jack are on their way to find her.

Dead of WinterEdit

In an attempt to distract Evie from following Jack into Richter’s lava, Aric informs her that he has brought her grandmother to Castle Lethe.

Arcana RisingEdit

After Death reveals to Evie that her grandmother is staying in his castle, Evie manages to reunite with her. Gran is said to be suffering from many strokes. She attempts to convince Evie to kill Aric and Lark but Evie refuses. Shortly after Evie finally admits that she is in love with Aric, her grandmother dies.

The Dark CallingEdit

It is revealed that Paul, the EMT that lives in Aric's castle -and inactivated Hanged Man, killed Evie's grandmother.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Gran has an intense knowledge of the Game. She reveals that often Tarasovas are Minor Arcana, which would grant her abilities similar to the Major Arcana. However, Gran claims she is not a Minor.

She possesses a high level of intuition, aware that Paul was poisoning her from the start. She attempted to tell Evie, but her rambled warnings went unheeded.