Kentarch Arcana
Biographical Information
Name: Kentarch Mgaya
Also known as: Wicked Champion
The Chariot
The Wanderer
The Phantom
Age: 20s
Status: Unknown
Card: The Centurion, Wicked Champion
Significant other: Issa Mgaya (wife) †
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Kentarch Mgaya is the Centurion Arcana known as the Wicked Champion.

Physical descriptionEdit



Day ZeroEdit

The Centurion, wicked Champion, Kentarch is in Kenya on Day Zero. Moments before the Flash he inadvertently teleports himself from a dangerous situation where poachers were about to shoot him, back to his home with his wife, Issa. Just as he arrives the flares start. He holds his wife tightly and is able to make both of them incorporeal, though it is hinted that he can only maintain that form for the both of them for a limited time. His story ends on a cliffhanger, but in Tess' story it is revealed that when incorporeal, he is able to momentarily hide from the flares in a type of mid-realm. In Tess' story it is revealed that he is able to warn her about the flares, which because of the time difference (Kenya/North America) haven't reached her yet. Tess attempts to help them but can't, and he is unable to hold on any longer. Ultimately his and his wife's futures thereafter are a mystery to the reader. Although in Arcana Rising it is briefly mentioned that he searches for his wife, and will unlikely do much for any alliance until he locates her.