Lark Arcana

Mistress of Fauna

Strength (VIII) is the eighth Major Arcana card in the Tarot decks. It was previously known as Fortitude, for its "single-minded purpose". Larkin Inukai is the current Strength Arcana.


  • Mistress of Fauna
  • Fortitude


  • A delicate girl in a white robe controlling the gaping jaws of a lion.Both the
  • Like the Magician, the Strength card have an infinity symbol.


  • "Red of tooth and claw!"


  • Animal manipulation (can control all creatures)
  • Animal scrying (can borrow the senses of animals)
  • Animal generation (her blood affects the physiology of creatures and can make them into her familiars)
  • Enhanced senses, night vision


  • Paw prints

Unique CharacteristicsEdit

  • Has claws and fangs.
  • Her eyes turn red when she mingles her senses with a creature's.

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