Ogen Arcana
Biographical Information
Name: Ogen
Also known as: Foul Desecrator
El Diablo
The Bloody Foul One
Status: Deceased
Card: The Devil, Foul Desecrator
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Ogen was the Devil Arcana known as the Foul Desecrator. He was killed by Aric.

Physical descriptionEdit



Early lifeEdit

Poison PrincessEdit

In the beginning he allied himself with Aric and Lark.

Endless KnightEdit

Ogen, along with Aric attack the group after they are pursued by cannibals. Ogen strikes the side of the mountain, causing quakes and nearly killing Finn and Matthew. He desires to kill Evie, but Aric does not let him. Later on, Lark tells Evie that Ogen is forced by Aric to obey his commands - if he disobeys, an inch of his horns are cut off, and if there are no horns left he will be beheaded. When Aric leaves for several days, Ogen attempts to kill Evie and Lark. He demonstrates his ability - growing in size - that he had held back from Aric. Aric ends up killing Ogen in order to protect Evie.

Day ZeroEdit

The Devil, Foul Desecrator, Ogen has a character page with basic information, but if you want more of his story it will not be provided in this book. Read instead Poison Princess.