Richter Arcana
Biographical Information
Name: Unknown
Also known as: Richter
Jersey Number Four
Stone Overlord
Age: 16-18
Status: Alive
Card: The Emperor, Stone Overlord
Major kills: Selena (The Moon)
Family: Brody (brother) †
Physical Description
Gender: Male

"Richter" is the Emperor Arcana known as the Stone Overlord.

Physical descriptionEdit



Early lifeEdit

Minor League hockey player from Canada.

Dead of WinterEdit

At the end of Dead of Winter, while Jack's army is camped in a valley, he summons up lava and kills all the innocent men, women and children that had made camp there. Jack and Selena are presumed dead. Circe is able to counter his attack with a wave of her own.

Arcana RisingEdit

Day ZeroEdit

The Emperor and Stone Overlord, Richter, is described as a character who was already prone to anger and violence. It starts at his hockey game where he demonstrates some underhanded moves, and it is insinuated that his father is also abusive as a means to push him to be a better player. When he is caught off guard and knocked down during the game, he gets to enraged his volcanic powers activate and he melts the entire rink. At the same time the solar flares rain down but he survives because the heat doesn't affect him. At the end it is shown that he can control lava.