Selena Arcana
Biographical Information
Name: Selena Lua
Also known as: Bringer of Doubt
The Huntress
La Luna
Age: 18
Status: Deceased
Card: The Moon, Bringer of Doubt
Major kills: Vincent & Violet (The Lovers)
Family: Unnamed Parents †
Wanda (aunt)
Sharon (aunt)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Dark

Selena Lua was the Moon Arcana known as Bringer of Doubt. She was was allied with the Empress, the Magician, and the Fool. She was later killed by Richter.

Physical descriptionEdit

Selena had long silvery-blond hair with dark eyes. She has been described as having a beach-volleyball-player physique.



Early lifeEdit

Poison PrincessEdit

She meets Evie and Jack in her house, which she made to trap Arcana like Evie. She decided not to fight, as Jack is with her, and the two seem to fall in love, as they share common interests. She helps in the rescue of the Fool and the Magician, and they form a tentative alliance, though Selena always has an arrow in store for Evie.

Endless KnightEdit

Selena travels with them into the cannibals' area, and tries to create arrows to replenish her supply - 1 arrow only. She is captured along with the group and rescued by Evie. She survives Ogen's assault and stays with the group.

Dead of WinterEdit

She, Evie, and Gabriel attack the Army of the Southeast in order to rescue Jack who is being tortured by the Duke and Duchess Most Perverse. They succeed, and kill one of the Vincent/Violet clones along the way. Selena is then captured at night and brought North to be tortured by the First twins. Jack, Evie, and Death set out to help her, holding the twins' father as hostage. Selena kills The Lovers after Evie frees her. She reveals that she and Jackson will never be together because he has chosen Evie. Jack and Selena ride off, thinking that Evie has chosen Death, and then Selena (and seemingly Jack) are suddenly killed by one of the Emperor's fire storms.

Arcana RisingEdit

It was later revealed that Selena sacrificed herself and saved Jack from the Emperor's attack.



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