Stellan Arcana
Biographical Information
Name: Stellan Tycho
Also known as: Arcane Navigator
The North Star
Age: 17-18
Status: Deceased
Card: The Star, Arcane Navigator
Family: Unnamed Parents
Astrid Tycho (sister)
4 Unnamed Siblings
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Stellan Tycho was the Star Arcana known as Arcane Navigator. He was killed by Aric.

Physical descriptionEdit



Day ZeroEdit

The Star, Arcane Navigator, Stellan's story describes how he came from a very big family that made him travel to America because they had a feeling that the games would take place there. During his plane ride, and overall trip he delivered a series of sarcastic texts to his parents. He never truly believed in what they'd taught him until Day Zero came. He was in a subway car and when the Flares started the people around him assumed he was a terrorist. They grew to be a menacing kind of mob, and when he became too alarmed he began to glow until be erupted in a blaze that incinerated his clothes and everyone around him.