Vincent and Violet Arcana
Vincent & Violet
Biographical Information
Name: Vincent & Violet Milovnici
Also known as: Duke & Duchess Most Perverse
Milovnici Twins
Age: 16
Status: Deceased
Card: The Lovers, Duke & Duchess Most Perverse
Family: General Milovnici †
Physical Description
Gender: Male/Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Pale

Vincent & Violet were the Lovers Arcana known as the Duke & Duchess Most Perverse. They were killed by Selena.

Physical descriptionEdit



Early lifeEdit

Even though they were supposed to be twins, Vincent absorbed Violet, and so they had only one body. As a result, they were unable to use their full powers.

Poison PrincessEdit

Violet and Vincent are introduced as the twins of the general of the Army of the Southeast. They capture Jack's sister, Clotile, and torture her until she kills herself.

Endless KnightEdit

At the end of the book, it is revealed that the Army has captured Jack, and the twins plan to torture him.

Dead of WinterEdit

Evie and her friends successfully rescue Jack from the Twins, and Joules kills them both with a lighting bolt, but receives no Arcana mark from it. A day later, Selena is drugged and kidnapped - and Aric reveals that it was not the actual Twins they killed, but their clones. Evie, Aric, and Jack pursue them into their bunker, where they capture Evie. The true Vincent reveals that he absorbed his twin so they would always be together, and that she is just an eye on his stomach now. Evie manages to release Selena, who then kills both Vincent and Violet in one strike.



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