Vincent and Violet Arcana

Duke & Duchess Most Perverse

The Lovers (VI) is the sixth Major Arcana card in the Tarot decks. Vincent & Violet Milovnici are the current Lovers Arcana.


  • Duke & Duchess Most Perverse


  • Look-alike twins, a male and a female, stand hand in hand with a bloody windmill spinning in the background and dead roses at their feet.


  • "We will love you. In our own way."


  • Pathokinesis and love manipulation (can warp and pervert any who love)
  • Replication (can create carnates, living duplicates of themselves).
  • Command inducement and sense scrying (can command carnates and borrow their senses)


  • Two overlapping triangles, bisected with arrows

Unique CharacteristicsEdit

  • Violet is part of Vincent, an absorbed twin.

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